Gulf Western Roofing (GWR)’ offers expertise and reliability installing tile, metal and shingle roofing.
Tile roofing ‘ A Florida favorite for incredibly durable construction and aesthetically appealing design, tiles are available in a multitude of options. To best fit your home, you can choose clay, concrete or slate tiles in a variety of profiles and colors. With proper care and maintenance, tile roofs have the potential to last up to 80 years.
Another great one for GWR’ is Metal roofing ‘
For their chic aesthetics and contemporary style, metal roofs are making a resurgence in popularity. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they match even the trendiest home or neighborhood. Metal roofs have an underlayment to silence the noise from rain, hail, and other weather conditions, better than other types of materials.
Another Florida Favorite is Shingle Roofs’ Due to their relatively long lifespan, ease of installation and inexpensive price, asphalt shingles are the most common options for Florida homeowners. Each shingle consists of a mat made from either cellulose or fiberglass, backed by a layer of asphalt mixture and topped with mineral granules which help protect the asphalt from sunlight degradation. Shingles come in 3-tab and dimensional options with multiple color selections for a sleek style to enhance the curb appeal of your home.
Now for those with leaky roofs if
Left unchecked, leaky roofs can cause thousands of dollars of damage and even pose a risk to the homeowner’s health. But without an expert inspection, it may be impossible to know if the roof has been compromised! Gulf Western Roofing has been trusted by thousands of residential and commercial customers to monitor roofing and prevent costly damages. When it’s time to keep the rain outside where it belongs, put our experience and reputation to work for you. So if you are in the Florida area and in need of some professional roofing call us today @ (407)930-6726


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